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Our Mission

To entertain, enrich and educate through the professional presentation of opera and community engagement programs.

~November 2012

Our History

Opera Fort Collins, an established 501(c)3 non-profit performing arts group, provides productions of excellent quality and high performance standards. Its goal is to both entertain and educate its audiences, while providing
training and work venues for local and guest artists in the many disciplines that comprise opera production: singers, instrumentalists, designers, costumers, choreographers, lighting technicians, directors, etc.

Opera Fort Collins was established in 1979, with independent productions from that year until 1980. From 1981-1990, the productions ran under the auspices of OpenStage Theatre. In 1991, OFC was formally incorporated as a performing arts company with Elizabeth Elliott as the first Artistic Director. Its first opera was presented in 1992. In 1999 OFC added a winter gala, launched a regional school educational program, and held a regional singing competition, and additional events have been launched in subsequent years to enrich this community with vocal artistry. Operas are presented in the original language, and easy-to-read English supertitles are always provided in order to make the performances more accessible. The Company's second artistic director, Dr. Todd Queen, was joined by Maestro Wes Kenney as Music Director, formalizing the relationship with the Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra. Together, they expanded the season to include three productions: a fully staged opera each August, a concert version opera in May, and a December arias concert with a sparkling gala and fundraising auction. An OFC Apprentice Artist program was added,
giving CSU master in Vocal Arts students the opportunity to sing the comprimario roles with hired opera professionals. In addition, these apprentices represent the Company in its educational outreach programs to regional schools and service organizations. During the OFC season 31, the
community wide OFC Chorus was formally established under the direction of Chorus Master Dr. Gerald Holbrook. Dr. Queen served the company for seven years before retiring in the spring of 2011.

In the 2017-18 season OFC’s Board and staff charted a new focus in keeping with trends for small opera companies around the country. The 2018 season will center on a Festival of productions, concerts and events on a central theme. The first OFC Festival will take place in late May and early June, 2018. In addition, OFC continues with a variety of events
throughout the year, including apprentice concerts, community outreach, classes for seniors and young people and the monthly “Arias@Avo’s” sponsored by the OFC Guild.

OFC is pleased to be recognized as one of America’s outstanding regional
opera companies.


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As with most performing arts organizations, OFC ticket sales cover less than one quarter of our general operating needs. While we are diligent in seeking grants, business support, fundraising opportunities and other revenue streams to supplement our modest annual budget, we need YOUR assistance to support the performances you enjoy each season.

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From the Artistic Director

Thank you for visiting the Opera Fort Collins website — like our company, it is ever-changing! We live in a strange time wherein opera, an art form that had historically been shielded from the worst effects of a fickle economy, finds itself re-examining its place in the world: what is opera, how do we deliver it to our audience and what’s the most effective business model to support these changes? It’s easy to throw one’s hands up in the air and cry “opera is dying!” but I don’t believe for a moment that that is true: what I do believe is that opera is EVOLVING.