OTELLO As the 17th century dawns, Cypriot governor and war hero Otello returns victorious from a decisive naval conflict. Welcomed by his wife and officers, his joyful reunions begin to deteriorate. Despite his prowess in battle, it is treachery, innuendo, and suspicion that ultimately conquer this powerful warrior in Verdi’s chilling interpretation of Shakespeare’s psychological thriller. [more...]


Brian Clay Luedloff: Artistic Director, Opera Fort Collins As we embark on Season 36 at Opera Fort Collins, my fifth year with the company, I find myself a torn man: torn between looking back and marveling at the brave and bold productions of the past 35 seasons, and looking forward to what we might accomplish and where we might go. It has been a year of loss for our company, with the passing of so many leaders in our community who brought vision and energy to the idea that the arts live at the core of our social fabric. Art defines us when mere words fail. Art speaks to our identity. It tells the story of who we are and whom we hope to be. Some are calling this the “age of identity,” a time when race, gender, age and faith become anchors for defining and expressing identity. We are no longer content to allow the uncontrollable to define us. Like a sculptor chipping away at the unnecessary marble, or the painter finding the right color and texture, we create our own identity in the 21st century. So what will our identity at Opera Fort Collins be? [more...]


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